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The Architecture of the Buildings of Brig-Wallis Prep School, Part 1: The Chapel

The Chapel

The oldest remaining building on the campus, the so-called Chapel, was constructed during the economic boom brokered by silk and salt baron Kaspar Stockalper in the 1660s and 1670s--a time when the population of Brig and its environs may have reached 1500 souls but had to grow to accommodate the 5000 jobs Stockalper's trade empire demanded. The newly rising Catholic Society of Jesus--called the Jesuits--had received a big boost from local hero and Jesuit co-founder, Peter Faber--a priest who had been a roommate of Francis Xavier while students in Paris (they both received their Master of Arts degrees from the University of Paris on the same day in 1530) and a roommate of Ignatius of Loyola. (Faber was only recently canonized a Catholic saint, in 2013, by Pope Francis I.) The new "tribe" of foot-traveling, educated preacher-teachers, was quick to spread into western Switzerland. With the economic and population boom of the 1660s, Brig-Glis felt an immediate nee…
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The History of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School

Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys has a history that may be of interest to some readers.
The school exists largely due to the efforts and vision of one particular man who, for the time being, shall here go nameless (for reasons that the reader will surely understand).

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Order of Osiris had a particularly strong-willed member of German birth who happened to be a childhood friend and ardent admirer of German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte--who later happened to become one of the fathers of German nationalism and Romanticism. As boys, the two were schoolmates at the renowned Schulpforta, an all-male country boarding school near Naumburg in the German state of Upper Lusatia, in the Kingdom of Saxony, a school that still exists today--now known as the Landesschule Pforta.
     From as early as 1790, Fichte had been expressing a growing call to German nationalism in his letters and writings. He had been inspired by the recent events in…

Book Two finished, uploaded into Kindle

As of this morning, the final (and polished) Kindle e-book version of Book Two, The Heirs of Osiris, is in Amazon world, being processed for pre-order for its release date on Monday, November 6. It is the hope, desire, and intention that this will also concur with the release of the paperback version. We'll see!

The New and Improved Version of B-W Prep School for Boys

It's up! The latest and greatest version of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys is now the official version in the Amazon world. I apologize for the embarrassing and awkward glitches in the first version. I know they're minor flaws, but every glitch causes the reader's concentration and engagement with the story to be interrupted. I know!
    I'm also pleased to report that the book remains visible in the "Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction" list--tucked right there between Dan Millman, James Redfield, Paul Coelho, Hermann Hesse, and Richard Bach. Nice company, I'd say!
    Book Two Update:  On track for its November 6 release! It's a beauty, just like the first!

Sept. 30 Marketing Play a BIG Success!

Yes, it was! Though the numbers are still out, it looks like we made our goal of 100 units of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys sold in one day. We know that there have been 30 purchases for the Kindle e-book version, CreateSpace, the Amazon-owned publishing service I used to refine and publish all three of the Osiris Plan trilogy, has some kind of lag time between the time of buyer on-line purchase and registration as a "unit sold" in their accounting ledger. Either way, we know there were well over 100 paperbacks ordered--and we watched the book climb into the Top Ten of Amazon's Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction "bestseller" list. (It peaked at #9.) And this is not all of the visibility the book has gained as many web- and Facebook sites were broached in our little media blitz. It was such a fun day! The comments and banter going on between my wife and I and our on-line and on-phone friends was hilarious! It was awesome!
     Now for a little confes…

Book Two, The Heirs of Osiris, Is Ready for Publication

That's right! The writing and re-writing, line editing and copyediting, formatting and design of The Heirs of Osiris: Book Two of the Osiris Plan Trilogy is complete! The "proof" copy of the physical version of the book—as it will be available to you through—is in the mail, on its way to me. 
      Once I've proofread the physical copy, it's up to me to push "publish" and off we go. As I have plans to publish Book Two on my daughter Hannah's 24th birthday on November 6th, I have plenty of time to carefully peruse the proof—which also leaves you plenty of time to read (and re-read!) Book One––but just enough time to get impatient for the continuation of the Osiris Plan story.
     I'm very excited as I feel most confident in and proud of this second book. It has a gorgeous cover and design and readers have commented, so far, at how surprised they are that a story that is 90% dialogue can work so well! (And that they can't wait for th…

September 30: The Date of Our First Marketing Scheme

Have you heard? If an item sold through sells 100 units in a single day, Amazon, apparently, offers a promotional incentive of posting this item on one of their "bestseller" lists. That's the kind of visibility I'm hoping to achieve in order to break out into a viewership beyond that of Toril's and my friends. 
     So, we've chosen the date of Saturday, September 30, to ask the world to push "buy" on Amazon for either the beautiful paperback or the Kindle e-book version of my newly published novel, Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys. September 30 is the 50th anniversary of my wife Toril's arrival into this world. She says that she can think of no better way to celebrate her birthday than by watching friends and loved ones welcome her "man's" work of art into their lives.
Logically, word of mouth is the next means to reaching a larger audience, so, if you do happen to purchase a version of my book, please try to leave…